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MP Kenilorea raises concern over leaked documents to arm Chinese embassy personnel

The Chairman for Solomon Islands Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee Peter Kenilorea Junior says the ‘leaked’ diplomatic note on arming Chinese embassy personnel in Solomon...

Seventh Our Ocean conference opens in Palau

The Republic of Palau and the United States opened the 7th Our Ocean Conference (OOC) today, marking the first time this event has been...

Australian PM Morrison will ‘continue to press’ Solomon Islands over China influence

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he will continue to press the Solomon Islands amid its security pact with China if the Coalition is...

China requested heavily armed security team be sent to Solomon Islands, leaked documents reveal

China requested that a plainclothes 10-person security detail armed with pistols, rifles, two machine guns and a sniper rifle be dispatched to Solomon Islands...

Former Palau leader fears marine sanctuary act could be ditched

A former leader of Palau is “frustrated” about the foreign fishing lobby trying to influence national leaders to get rid of a critical law...

PNG government puts UN on notice

Papua New Guinea Police Commissioner David Manning, and head of the COVID-19 National Control Centre, has placed United Nations agencies on notice that they...

Australia, Vanuatu sign Pacific Fusion Centre MOU

The Australian Government and the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu have reached an important milestone, signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the...

Fiji votes against Russia, Helen Clark in disbelief 58 countries abstained including Vanuatu

Fiji has voted alongside 93 other countries to suspend Russia from the United Nations Human Rights Council. The resolution to strip Russia of its seat...

Vanuatu upset by Indonesia’s US$100,000 donation to MSG

The Vanuatu Government through the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Marc Ati, has expressed utter dismay at the announcement by the Director General of the...

Macron in the lead, as French Presidential contest impacts Pacific

By Nic Maclellan Seeking re-election as French President, Emmanuel Macron topped the poll amongst 12 candidates in the first round of voting for leadership...

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Sustainability of Pacific fisheries is compromised by the impacts of climate change: Forum Chair

By Pita Ligaiula in Seoul Forum Chair and Cook Islands Prime Minister Mark Brown says the sustainability of Pacific fisheries is compromised by the...

Solomon Islands distance itself from Korea – Pacific Islands Forum Summit Declaration

Solomon Islands expressed reservations on an element of the outcome Declaration of the Korea-Pacific Islands Forum Summit in particular the reference to competing Strategy...

North Korea Nuclear programme direct threat to international peace and security

By Pita Ligaiula in Seoul The Korea – Pacific Islands Summit shares the view that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) nuclear and...