U.S. Secretary of State commends FSM President Panuelo for his strong leadership in the region


Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) President David Panuelo has spoken with Anthony Blinken, U.S Secretary of State by phone and discussed a number of issues including the next convening of the Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders to the 50th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

President Panuelo assured the U.S top diplomat that his nation will not take any action, or allow any action to be taken, that would threaten regional security and stability.

“The U.S playing a leadership role in promoting a Free & Open Indo-Pacific “benefits our global community and Indo-Pacific region, especially our Blue Pacific Continent.”

On the Compact of Free Association, President Panuelo is confident in the ability of the U.S Special Presidential Envoy for Compact Negotiations, Joseph Yun to negotiate FSM’s proposed package of enhancements to the education, health, infrastructure and environment pillars.

The FSM leader reiterated that climate change as the nation’s and region’s most significant security threat. He’s confident Compact negotiations will conclude by the end of September.

On Pacific regionalism, solidarity, and unity, President Panuelo described renewed and heightened appreciation for the in-person dialogue as a means of solving problems and arriving at consensus, as seen in the Suva Agreement. Noting the importance of in-person presence and the positive impact it brings, President Panuelo solicited Secretary Blinken’s support in ensuring meaningful, visible, and interactive U.S presence at the forthcoming Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders, to be held in Hawaii in the month of September 2022