Fijian Drua coach Mick Byrne says a strong foundation has been laid for the future of the franchise, and he takes pride in reflecting on how far both he and the team have come.

He said that while it’s going to be a busy period for him after the Super Rugby season, his energy and undivided attention is currently being channelled into this week’s quarterfinals.

“Seeing how far we have all come including myself as professionals in the game, it’s quite comforting to look down and see the facility we’ve worked in, lived in and the way the players have adapted to the professionalism.”

Byrne said he was excited to see how the Drua will progress in the coming years especially as he gets ready to embark on a new journey.

He said the players will be looking forward to hearing their fans in the background when they take on the Blues on Saturday in the Shop N Save Super Rugby Pacific quarter-finals.

Byrne said the supporters play a crucial role, providing a significant morale boost to the players when they hear their names being cheered from the crowd.

“Our players really look forward to hearing you and it’s easy to hear our supporters, they’re great! I know for those of you staying behind and watching it on the TV, I know our players will take you love and support into Auckland and they will do everything they can for you.”

He said the team will come out firing at Eden Park doing what they’re well known for and they will not be backing down easily.

The Drua and Blues will play at 7.05pm at Eden Park in the quarterfinal.