Former PNG PM Peter O’Neill retains Ialibu-Pangia Open Seat


Former Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has surpassed absolutely majority with 37,501 votes on Tuesday and declared winner of the Ialibu-Pangia Open seat.

O’Neill thanked his supporters for their unwavering commitment to democracy.

“There has been a lot of incentives given to the voters of Ialibu Pangia to switch allegiance from myself to others and I want to thank my people for their steadfast commitment to the electoral process.”

O’Neill went on, “This will be my fifth term of Parliament as their elected representative, and I could not be more humbled or happier.”

“I am proof that out of the greatest adversity and difficulties that goodness will prevail. I am not perfect. I have erred, I have fallen, and it was not always easy to get back up and keep going, but I did as I genuinely believe that there is nothing better to do than represent my people of Ialibu Pangia.”

“The elections are causing all of us in Papua New Guinea deep concerns. We are genuinely at a loss to explain the magnitude of election fraud and destruction that is occurring to life and property. We must be hopeful and continue to believe in democracy even if at present it feels like it is ebbing away from us. Stay strong.”

“I want to thank those who have helped me to this point and make it clear that there will be no celebration until we form Government. Only then will we have something to be truly joyful about.”

Lastly, my thanks to God who has been with me for guidance and continues to be my greatest inspiration.

Meanwhile, the ruling party PANGU leads with five declared MPs, followed by Peoples National Congress PNC with two and the United Resource Party with a single MP.