By Pita Ligaiula in Glasgow

COP26 President Alok Shama says the United Kingdom are not seeking to reopen the Paris Agreement.

Speaking at the COP26 press conference in Glasgow, Sharma said the Paris Agreement clearly sets out the temperature goal.

“Well below 2 degrees and pursuing efforts to 1.5 degrees.

That is why our overarching goal of “keeping 1.5 degrees within reach” has been our lodestar,” he said today after he hosted a stocktaking plenary.

He said the Presidency seek to chart a path that is balanced across the three pillars of the Paris Agreement: finance, adaptation and mitigation.

Sharma said the texts will change and evolve as countries begin to engage in the details, but their shared commitment to accelerate action this decade must be unwavering.

“I will continue to champion finance, as I have done throughout my time in this role, and I have asked developed countries to be flexible in their positions.

“The task of finalising all texts, including the cover decisions, will be challenging.

“But we all know what is at risk if we do not reach an ambitious outcome.

Climate vulnerable countries on the front line of the climate crisis will continue to bear the brunt before it engulfs us all,” the COP26 President.

He said the text on adaptation aims to build our shared capacity to act.

“Climate change is affecting all of us. Needs are growing and we must respond.

“We have also included a section on loss and damage. This is a first for this process and I hope that countries will engage constructively,” he said.

Sharma said discussions on the Santiago Network in Glasgow suggest that Parties will engage in the right spirit.

“On mitigation, we know we have made progress on the journey to Glasgow, but the science shows that we can and must go further.

“The text gives countries the opportunity to agree on how they will accelerate action and return to the table with stronger commitments. In addition to the cover decision, texts are still evolving on the rulebook items and finance” he said.

On Article 6 the text has narrowed and the choices are clear, he explained.

“It will be a matter of political will now to close this outcome.

“On Transparency, negotiators are moving through the technical work. Transparency underpins the Paris Agreement and is absolutely crucial to delivering on our commitments, Sharma stressed.

On common timeframes, he said they are down to two options.

“And across the board, Ministers are identifying landing grounds.

“On finance, there remains a lot of work to do but we have seen positive announcements.

“Such as the US$350m in contributions to the adaptation fund and US$413m to the LDC Fund. I hope this supports a good atmosphere in negotiations,” he said.

Sharma said as a Presidency UK are fully committed to transparency and openness and he has invited parties to reach out to him if they wish to meet outside the formal sessions.

“It is a can-do spirit that I hope all parties will want to continue to foster over the coming critical days.

“I still have the intention for us to be able to close COP 26 at the end of Friday.

“Everyone must come armed with the clarity of compromise. We all know what is at stake in these negotiations and indeed the urgency of our task.

“In very human terms, what we agree in Glasgow will set the tone of the future for our children and grandchildren and I know that no world leader or country will want to fail them,” he said.