Venues for Fijian Drua home matches to be decided


The decision on the venue for the Fijian Drua’s home matches for the 2022 Super Rugby Pacific will be decided soon.

The Drua will join the Australian and New Zealand Super Rugby sides in a new 12-team competition next year, but this will be dependent on when its unconditional license will be granted.

Fiji Rugby Union chief executive John O’Connor says they’re expecting some good news in the coming days.

“The situation is straightforward with the COVID-19 happening and the borders locked. The issue we are discussing is whether we can be able to fill a team to be based in Fiji or we have to relocate the teams. Those are the details that we are currently working out now.”

For the Moana Pasifika team, home fixtures will be played in New Zealand.

O’Connor adds it’s not all down to getting the logistics right.

“It’s not straightforward as Moana Pasifika, they are based in New Zealand and we know that travel is very challenging at the moment. You have to come to Fiji and quarantine and back to Australia and whether it’s a reality of having a team in Fiji in 2022.”

Super Rugby Pacific will kick off on 18 February next year.

The 15-week long competition will see an eight-team playoff series culminating in a final on 18 June.