Vaccination remains important part of Fiji response to COVID: Dr Morris


Fiji’s Ministry of Health is preparing for increased numbers of severe COVID-19 cases.

The Australia and New Zealand medical assistance team( that is working with the Ministry Fiji is also preparing for inevitably more deaths due to the virus.

New Zealand Health Specialist Dr Wayne Morris said the team is also optimistic of Fiji’s response to the outbreak so far especially with the continued vaccination campaign.

Dr Morris said an incredible part of Fiji’s response to containing the deadly Delta variant is vaccinations.

“It remains a very important part of the overall health response to this very serious outbreak. At last count, the percentage of the eligible population that had received the first dose was 60 percent and 12 percent of the population had received two doses.”

Fijian Public Health Expert Dr Apisalome Talemaitoga said more awareness will help increase the vaccination numbers.

“But i think we need to try harder as Public Health people to take the communities along with us, with the messaging process, explaining how the vaccination provides another level of protection.”

Dr Talemaitoga said religious leaders also play a vital role in educating the public on the benefits of getting vaccinated.