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Climate change is our gravest concern: Forum DSG Manoni

“Climate change is our gravest concern and we continue to observe on an annual basis how this affects our region,” says Forum Deputy Secretary...

WHO: Nations step closer to global guidelines on pandemics, disease outbreaks

Governments agreed on a way forward to update disease outbreak regulations ahead of meetings to draft new global guidelines for tackling pandemics, the World...

‘No Jab, No Job’ to be removed soon: Fiji AG Turaga

The “No Jab, No Job” policy in Fiji will be removed soon. This has been confirmed by Attorney-General Siromi Turaga Wednesday. The AG said the decision...

Tokelau border protects community from first case of COVID-19 since pandemic began

The Ongoing Government of Tokelau has announced its first case of COVID-19 have been detected at the border of its northernmost atoll of Atafu. The...

Covid cases in Tuvalu passes 400

Covid-19 cases in Tuvalu have soared to 443, with 303 news cases recorded since Sunday. This is the first time the country has experienced a...

WHO records 140 covid cases in Tuvalu

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says 140 cases of Covid-19 have been reported in Tuvalu. A WHO spokesperson, based in Suva, said Tuvalu's first community...

Further pandemic support to the Pacific

The New Zealand Government has announced further pandemic support for Pacific Island countries with vaccine boosters, COVID-19 anti-viral treatments, and by strengthening the capacity...

Tonga lifts health restrictions, ends two States of Emergency

After two-years and six-months, Tonga has lifted most of its COVID-19 health restrictions, including that for international travel and the national curfew, effective from...

‘Time to move on’ as Marshalls drops three-year state of health disaster

The Marshall Islands has ended over three years of a State of Health Disaster and opened its borders to normal travel as of this...

Post-arrival tests removed as entry requirement to Fiji

Fiji has removed covid-19 tests on arrival as entry requirement to the country, beginning Monday. Over the past six weeks, Fiji’s health system has continued...

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Lawmaker says Guam, CNMI must ‘look after each other’ amid rising tensions in the...

In the face of escalating threats in the region, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas (CNMI) House Floor Leader Edwin Propst said Guam and the...

CNMI, Guam lawmakers propose joint Marianas visa for both territories

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U.S Interior’s Assistant Secretary Cantor announces $372 million in Compact funding for Marshall Islands

The United States Department of the Interior’s Assistant Secretary for Insular and International Affairs Carmen G. Cantor has announced US$372 million in Compact of...