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Tonga calls for COP26 to accelerate actions to tackle the climate crisis

By Pita Ligaiula in Glasgow Survival from the impacts of climate change is the most pressing concern for the Kingdom of Tonga. Addressing the COP26 High-Level segment, Tonga’s High Commissioner to London Fanetupouvava'u Tu'ivakano, said the island Kingdom stand in global solidarity urging all countries to work together to address the challenges and to accelerate actions to tackle the climate crisis. “We...

Developed countries need to take real action to meet their historical obligation

By Pita Ligaiula in Glasgow Papua New Guinea Environment Minister Wera Mori, says developed countries need to take real action to meet their historical obligation and help island countries tackle climate change. Addressing the COP26 High-level event in Glasgow, Minister Mori said PNG is a direct victim of climate change. “My message to the developed countries is that they've got to basically...

Niue taking its bold climate action to the stage at COP26

One of the world’s smallest nations is taking giant steps when it comes to addressing climate change. Niue has made bold commitments in its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) despite its greenhouse gas emissions being almost zero. Niue’s solar energy currently provides 38% of its national power grid and its target is to achieve 80% by 2025. The Pacific Island has also...

Vanuatu calls for pressure on State Parties yet to submit NDCs in-line with 1.5-degree pathways

By Pita Ligaiula Vanuatu has urged parties in the COP26 negotiations to have new and updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) that represent the highest possible ambition. Addressing the COP26 High-level Segment Wednesday, Vanuatu Ambassador based in Geneva, Sumbue Antas said his country would like to see the highest levels of pressure applied to parties who have not yet brought their...

UK not seeking to reopen the Paris Agreement, “keeping 1.5 degrees within reach”

By Pita Ligaiula in Glasgow COP26 President Alok Shama says the United Kingdom are not seeking to reopen the Paris Agreement. Speaking at the COP26 press conference in Glasgow, Sharma said the Paris Agreement clearly sets out the temperature goal. “Well below 2 degrees and pursuing efforts to 1.5 degrees. That is why our overarching goal of “keeping 1.5 degrees within reach”...

Marshall Islands push to keep 1.5c alive as world on track for disastrous heating

By Pita Ligaiula in Glasgow Marshall Islands climate envoy Tina Stege says the island nation cannot accept failure and 1.5 degrees remains the focus for the Pacific nation at COP26. The new assessment report published by Climate Action Tracker Tuesday said the world remains on track for 2.4 degrees of warming by 2100. If temperatures do rise by an average of...

Forum SG calls on world leaders to accelerate work on loss and damage, oceans

By Pita Ligaiula Pacific Ocean Commissioner and Forum Secretary General Henry Puna says COP26 must accelerate work on loss and damage and on oceans. Addressing the UNFCCC COP 26 High level segment Wednesday, Puna said Pacific Leaders are leading on climate action despite contributing negligibly to the crisis. “Pacific Leaders have endorsed a Declaration on Preserving Maritime Zones in the face...

AOSIS not happy with COP26 draft text

By Pita Ligaiula in Glasgow The Alliance of Small Islands States (AOSIS) is unhappy with the language of the United Kingdom COP26 draft text released Wednesday. It warned that the language in the text is not strong enough to prevent dangerous warming and keep 1.5C within reach. AOSIS Chair Aubrey Webson said the UK draft COP text: 'Urging' 'encouraging' and 'inviting'...

1.5C limit is non-negotiable, PSIDS tells COP26

By Pita Ligaiula in Glasgow Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS) Wednesday told the UN Climate Change talks in Glasgow the 1.5C limit is non-negotiable. Speaking on behalf of PSIDS at COP26 High level Plenary, Marshall Islands Health Minister Bruce Bilimon said climate change is the single greatest threat to their livelihood, security and wellbeing. “We do not need more scientific...

World needs urgent and ambitious action right now!

By Pita Ligaiula in Glasgow The world must rapidly cut global emissions and keep global warming to 1.5 degrees, says Forum Secretary General. Speaking Tuesday at the launch of Results-Oriented Adaptation Research (ROAR) initiative Adaptation Research Alliance at COP26, Henry Puna said the Pacific region is experiencing first-hand the impacts of the climate change crisis. “Indeed, climate change is an existential...

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