Thursday, December 8, 2022

Double voting surfaces in Samoa’s elections final count

Samoa’s Electoral Commissioner, Faimalōmatumua Mathew Lemisio confirmed today that some voters voted twice in last weeks’ elections and they will face legal action. Double voting...

Unofficial close margins can be swung by special votes in Samoa

As Samoa awaits the official declaration of its 2021 General Elections, results of special votes are eagerly anticipated by those constituencies for which the...

Samoa election result hailed as win for women

Samoa’s cliff-hanger general election is a victory for under-represented women in Pacific island politics, regardless of the final outcome, FAST leader Fiame Naomi Mata’afa...

FAST candidates targeting senior Samoa ruling Human Rights Political Party MPs

Across several constituencies, FAST candidates are chipping away at the lead held by Government MPs on their seats, including senior Cabinet Ministers, early figures...

120,000 voters in Samoa go to the polls today

In a fine sun shiny Samoan day, 120,000 voters go to the polls today to elect a new government following months of intensive and...

Samoa election 2021

By Nanai Anae Dr. Iati Iati STANDFIRST Can you remember the last time Samoa had a formidable political opposition? It has been a while, and...

Samoa Parliament dissolves ahead of General Election

The official dissolution of the Samoa XVI Legislative Assembly was held this morning bringing to an end a six-week sitting that began on 19...

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