The tiny Pacific nation of Nauru is expected to elect a new President today (Friday) after a vote of no confidence Wednesday to removed President Russ Kun.

The country’s parliament met on Thursday and nominated two presidential candidates.

Nominations for Rennier Gadabu from the Constituency of Aiwo and David Adeang from the Constituency of Ubenide were voted on, and tied at nine votes each.

Gadabu was nominated by MP Bingham and Adeang was nominated by MP Regan Aliklik.

Because of the deadlock, the Speaker of Parliament Marcus Stephen called for a recess until today 27 October.

The election of president comes after Article 24 of the Constitution of Nauru – Vote of no confidence – was passed by Parliament Wednesday.

Russ Kun has served as Nauru’s president since being elected in 2022 and as a parliamentarian since 2013.