The 8th Pacific Tuna Forum 2023 kicks off today in Port Moresby.

Under the theme “Strengthening tuna sustainability and industry development in the Blue Pacific Continent through increased innovation, partnership and participation” the event is paramount in the world of marine conservation and fisheries management.

The Pacific Tuna Forum (PTF) 2023 gathering is known for it’s profound impact on sustainable management of Tuna resources and preserving the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) as the region contributes almost 60 percent of global tuna harvest.

Delegates from different stakeholders are attending the 8th Pacific Tuna Forum 2023 at Stanley Hotel in Port Moresby.

PTF 2023 is expected to draw international attention as stakeholders come together to address pressing challenges and chart a course for the future of the Tuna industry.

Key themes of the PTF 2023 includes;

• Sustainable Fisheries Management

• Ecosystem Conservation

• Climate Resilience

• Market Access and Trade

• Indigenous and Local knowledge

The PTF 2023 is anticipated to result in various outcomes that will resonate far beyond the event’s conclusion which includes,

• Policy Recommendations

• Innovative Solutions

• Public Awareness