The 2023 Pacific Games Organising Committee (GOC) has announced that the Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation (VBTC) has acquired the television broadcast rights for SOL2023 for Vanuatu.

Operating a free to air TV channel, and three radio stations, VBTC will be providing exclusive coverage of the games, as well as the live broadcast of the opening and closing ceremonies on VBTC’s TV channel, “Television Blong Vanuatu”.

Francis Herman, Chief Executive Officer for VBTC said that “VBTC is proud to have secured the exclusive rights for the Vanuatu territory and commend the GOC for its confidence in VBTC”.

For the first time in its history, VBTC will provide the most extensive television and radio coverage of a Pacific Games. “Our coverage will see daily extensive coverage across all our media platforms,” says Herman.

GOC will televise most sports live and will be producing a daily World Feed program of 8-10 hours of coverage. Apart from this, rights holders such as VBTC will be have access to the Venue Feeds to highlight their country’s athletes’ performances while providing coverage for its viewers.

Peter Stewart, CEO of the Sol2023 Games Organising Committee, said that “The addition of VBTC to our ever-growing list of international broadcast Rights holders demonstrates the high level of interest that exists throughout the Pacific in the 2023 Pacific Games.

“We look forward to providing a world class broadcast product across a range of media at Games time. Out rights holders, like VBTC, are crucial to the successful delivery of this coverage,” Mr Stewart said.

GOC will produce over 1000 hours of coverage during the 2023 Pacific Games.

Meanwhile, more details on additional rights holders as well as the Solomon Islands rights holders will be announced in the coming days.