Fiji Home Affairs Minister Tikoduadua labels Bainimarama’s statement treasonous


Fiji’s Minister for Home Affairs has condemned the statement delivered by Opposition Leader Voreqe Bainimarama and even described it treasonous.

Bainimarama in his response to the President’s speech in Parliament Monday said he had to inform the rank and file of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces that all philosophical commitment and their years of hard work were now undermined and disregarded by this government.

In response, Tikoduadua said Bainimarama echoed his own opinion which does not represent the Fijian people.

“It is quite sad that the Leader of the Opposition continues to downplay the Constitutional Offices in place under the very law he has made. So now it is unfortunate for him because he is implying they have not done his bidding, that they should break the law. What the Leader of Opposition is saying is treasonous. It is serious, it is a serious thing to say.”

Tikoduadua said Bainimarama’s statement as a leader is irresponsible and undermines the integrity of Parliament.

He said the Opposition Leader’s statement opposes the Standing Orders and he should be referred to the Privileges Committee.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Viliame Gavoka says he is humbled to be given the opportunity to be part of the leadership to lead the people of Fiji.

Speaking in Parliament, Gavoka said it is hard to imagine that the fate of the nation came down to his party.

Gavoka said he stands proud along with his coalition partners knowing that all their effort is starting to pay off.

The Deputy Prime Minister thanked his family and supporters for standing by him and the SODELPA party.

Gavoka also acknowledged the smooth transition in government. While thanking the previous government’s leadership, he also stated that the current government will be more transparent.

“Democracy isn’t true democracy if the values of transparency, accountability, and respect are not upheld.”

“We made a commitment as a coalition government to rid this nation of false promises that our people have been beholden to for far too long.”

Gavoka said for the first time in nearly two decades, the deliberations of the Cabinet are being shared with the public.

He claims that even as members of parliament in the previous government, they were never given the courtesy to contribute to matters that affect the people.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the new government will no longer pass overnight legislation that takes away the rights of the indigenous people in the name of streamlining investment.

He said that people will no longer be robbed of their freedom of expression, and employees will not be robbed of their rights to be represented by unions.

Gavoka said the government acknowledged that debt is not necessarily bad, but for the national debt to reach 35 percent of GDP, or $10 billion (US$5 billion), by July 2023, is not responsible for borrowing at all.

Gavoka said he supports the appointment of a fiscal review committee and the National Economic Summit in the spirit of transparency and consultation.