Luther Wenge. Photo: EMTV Online

Counting for the Morobe Regional Seat successfully continued into exclusion 35, to have a Governor elected as of quarter past four this morning.

Despite minor setbacks, a determined Simon Soheke who is the Provincial Returning Officer and Elections Manager, pushed on until People’s Labour Party candidate, and former Governor Luther Wenge was declared as the new Governor.

Wenge polled 130, 363 votes to go past the absolute majority of 112, 581 votes.

The runner up who pushed him until the end, and United Labour Party sponsored candidate Kemas Tomala, came second after scoring 94, 798 votes.

Wenge after signing the declaration, thanked the people of Morobe for giving him the mandate, and also thanked everyone involved in the entire election process.

Morobe Provincial Election Manager Simon Soheke left right after the declaration ceremony, in a bid to return all the writs to the Electoral Commissioner before 4 pm today.