A total of 34 seats remain to be declared as of midday today.

From the total 118 seats, 84 seats have been declared, but one has been rejected by the PNG Electoral Commissioner.

Two other seats of Markham and Kabwum Open in the Morobe Province, could be declared fail, because all the ballot papers and boxes for the two seats were destroyed by angry supporters.

From the total declarations, PANGU Party is leading with 31 seats so far, followed by the People’s National Congress Party with 12, and third is United Resources Party with eight declarations so far.

Independent candidates have secured six seats, while the National Alliance has five.

The United Labour Party and the People’s Party have secured three seats each, while the People’s First Party, Social Democratic Party and PNG Party have won two seats each.

Parties that have secured a seat each include; Liberal Party, People’s Progress Party, People’s Reform Party, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party, PNG Greens Party, PNG Destiny Party, People’s Movement for Change, Our Development Party, People’s Labour Party and the New Generations Party.