Australia is working in partnership with Kiribati as it responds to the country’s first COVID19 outbreak.

A five-member Australian Medical Assistance Team (AUSMAT) arrived in Tarawa Wednewsday along with a further 27,300 doses of Australian COVID-19 vaccines and medical equipment from both Australia and New Zealand.

The AUSMAT team will work closely with the Kiribati Ministry of Health and Medical Services on the clinical health response and infection prevention and control.

They will also work with Kiribati to develop plans for additional support from Australia and the international community, as necessary.

Australia has now shared with Kiribati more than 50,000 vaccines from our own supply, in addition to supporting COVAX deliveries and providing technical advice on the nation’s vaccine rollout.

Meanwhile, an additional 138 new cases confirmed Wednesday, bringing the total cumulative positive covid cases in Kiribati to 767 with 42 imported and 725 local transmission. This includes an increase from 9-23 on the outer island of Butaritari.