Fijians urged to take action as COVID-19 claim more lives


Fijians need to help themselves if they want to see a way out of the current COVID-19 outbreak that has killed 31 people and infected over 5,000.

This was highlighted by Dr Api Talemaitoga, an Auckland-based general practitioner who has been a part of New Zealand’s COVID response efforts.

Dr Talemaitoga said there has also been particular concern about the spread of misinformation about the virus and the vaccine on social media.

Fiji is recording hundreds of cases daily and Dr Talemaitoga believes that the numbers will increase further if everyone doesn’t get on board to help beat the virus.

“The key to fighting this Pandemic is not just with Dr Fong or Dr Waqainabete, we as Fijians have got it in our hands to fight, we’ve got to practice all those public health messages. The government can buy the vaccine, bring it to Fiji, allow people to get vaccinated, but unless we act by sticking within our bubble, we as Fijians can help contain this deadly virus.”

Dr Talemaitoga said it is sad to see that Fijians are believing the misinformation on social media rather than listening to medical health professionals.

“Anybody can go on the internet and say they are doctor from here and there claim this. Go to a trusted source, look at the Ministry of Health website and think about the implication of getting the vaccine and I tell people the vaccine is not the enemy, its the virus that’s the enemy, we need to get vaccinated to protect ourselves as a community,” said Dr Talemaitoga.