Cook Islands PM announces cabinet reshuffle


Cook Islands Prime Minister Mark Brown has announced a Cabinet portfolio reshuffle today.

“With the retirement of the Henry Puna, and the election of Akaiti Puna as the Member of Parliament for Manihiki; and with the new budget to be tabled next – I’ve taken the opportunity to relinquish some of my portfolios, reallocate other portfolios to Ministers and to bring new blood into the pool with the appointment of three assistants to ministers.

“In addition we have an exchange of portfolios with Minister Rose Toki Brown taking on Internal Affairs from Minister Mokoroa who will in turn take on the Justice portfolio from Minister Brown,” said PM Brown.

Prime Minister Brown is looking forward to the next phase of this government. As with his Cabinet announcement eight months ago when he became Prime Minister, where possible, the interests and skill set of Ministers have been aligned to their portfolios.

Brown said these changes take effect immediately with affected Ministers meeting their new agency heads within the next week.

“I have every faith that this team will deliver. Like me, they are working for the benefit of our people and nation. May God continue to bless our Cook Islands,” he said.

The new line up of Ministers and portfolios is as follows:

Cabinet Ministers

Mark Brown
Prime Minister
Minister Responsible for
• Attorney General
• Office of the Prime Minister
• Foreign Affairs and Immigration
• Public Service Commission
• Police
• Finance and Economic Management
• Seabed Minerals and Natural Resources
• Cook Islands Investment Corporation

Robert Tapaitau
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister Responsible for
• Infrastructure Cook Islands
• National Environment Services
• Outer Island Special Projects
• Transport
• Energy and Renewable Energy
• Marine Resources

Vainetutai Rose Toki-Brown
Minister Responsible for
• Health
• Parliamentary Services
• Agriculture
• Cook Islands National Superannuation
• Internal Affairs

Vaine Makiroa (Mac) Mokoroa
Minister Responsible for
• Youth & Sports
• Ombudsman
• Education
• Financial Supervisory Commission
• Financial Services Development Authority
• Audit/ Public Expenditure Review Committee
• Justice

George Maggie Angene
Minister Responsible for
• Corrective Services
• Culture
• House of Ariki
• Punanga Nui
• Head of State

Patrick Arioka
Minister Responsible for
• Tourism
• Business Trade and Investment Board
• Telecommunications

Associate Ministers
Te Hani Rose Alexandra Brown
Associate Minister Responsible for
• Internal Affairs
• Health

Albert Nicholas
Associate Minister Responsible for
• Cook Islands Investment Corporation

Tingika Elikana
Associate Minister Responsible for
• Justice
• Finance and Economic Management
• Foreign Affairs and Immigration

*Assistant Ministers
Tereapii Kavana MP
Assistant to the Minister of Tourism

*Tuakeu Tangatapoto MP
Assistant to the Minister of Culture

Akaiti Puna MP
Assistant to those Ministers responsible for the redevelopment of Manihiki Airport.