The Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) is inviting all people of good will to share prayers and support on 14 July for a Kanaky and Ma’ohi Nui Freedom Sunday.

Pacific churches are sharing common lectionary texts developed to reflect on the struggle for truth, justice, and freedom and a God who loves and liberates.

Communities in Kanaky and Ma’ohi Nui will also share messages in the days leading up to 14 July.

The Pacific Conference of Churches has continued to express solidarity with sisters and brothers of Kanaky in a time of political crisis that has led to the eruptions of violence that endangers the dignity of the life of every human being in the territory.

“The situation in which Kanaky New Caledonia finds itself is an expression of the political failure to take responsibility for the emancipation of the Kanak people and the communities present in the territory and for its common destiny,” notes a previous statement from the Pacific Conference of Churches, and Pacific groups, and solidarity partners.

“After 20 years of consensual management, the breakdown in dialogue between the French government and the independence fighters and the Kanak people is now a reality.”

The Pacific Conference of Churches also continues to extend prayers to the families and communities who are mourning the loss of loved ones.