The Fijian Drua are adamant they can improve their set pieces for the remainder of the Super Rugby Pacific season.

Coach Mick Byrne said he is happy with how the players handled the set pieces, particularly the scrums in the 20-10 win over the Crusaders last week at Churchill Park.

“Every week brings its own challenges and subtleties around the set piece, especially around the scrum. Different techniques from different players so for the scrum technicians out there, there is a lot of subtlety around that front row that we need be aware of so we prepare for that every week. I think our back five are learning to scrum really well.”

Byrne said with the strong back row is assisting the front row in getting the upper hand in the scrums.

Meanwhile, the Fijian Drua are anticipating a brutal outing when they face the Chiefs this weekend.

Coach Mick Byrne said the Chiefs will be hurting from their shock 25-19 loss to the Reds last weekend.

Bryne said the Chiefs have a lot of firepower in their roster that they will want to unleash and the Drua will have to be prepared to return the favour when the two sides meet.

“I think the Chiefs are like the Crusaders, they are a well-established team, with professional players’ right across the field in the way they prepare and they play a very structured game. They are going to come at us with a fair amount of line speed this week. So we just need to make sure we hang on to the ball and ask questions.”

Byrne said despite the loss last week, the Chiefs remain one of the title favourites for the Super Rugby Pacific.

The Drua will travel to New Zealand this week to face the Chiefs on Saturday at 6.30pm in Hamilton.