President Russ Joseph Kun

A vote of no confidence against President Russ Joseph Kun was moved by Member for Anabar, Ijuw, Anibare Maverick Eoe at the sitting of the Nauru Parliament today.

The motion was seconded by MPs for Boe, Yaren, and Buada.

Russ Joseph Kun has been president of Nauru since being elected in the 2022 presidential election. He has served as a member of parliament for Ubenide since 2013.

Article 24 of the Nauru Constitution states that :(1) Where Parliament on a resolution approved by at least one-half of the total number of members of Parliament resolves that the President and the Ministers be removed from office on the grounds that it has no confidence in the Cabinet, an election of a President shall be held.

(2) Where a President has not been elected before the expiration of a period of seven days after the day on which a resolution under clause (1) of this Article is approved Parliament shall stand dissolved.

Parliament is now in recess until it reconvenes to elect a new president.