Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has expressed his appreciation for the donation of vehicles by the South Korean Government to help support the 2023 Pacific Games which are due to take place in November in Honiara.

“Please convey to your Government the sincerest appreciation of my Government for this tremendous assistance,” Sogavare said after receiving the keys to 14 Santa Fe vehicles at the Hyundai Kosol Office in Ranadi.

A further 26 vehicles are set to arrive later to complete the donation from the Seoul Government equivalent to US$1 million (£772,600/€903,460).

“The 40 vehicles will help the National Hosting Authority support the Games Organising Committee’s transportation and logistics fleet during the Games, where most of the vehicles will be hired domestically,” Sogavare explained.

“My Government is proud to support the Solomon Islands Government in its efforts to successfully host the 2023 Pacific Games through its donation vehicles which I hope will provide momentum for unity and prosperity in Solomon Islands,” South Korean Ambassador Ho-Jeung Kang said.

The vehicles are to be entrusted to the National Hosting Authority before the Solomon Islands 2023 Pacific Games.

After the Games, the plan is that they will form part of the legacy.

“Korea and the Solomon Islands have a shared history in cooperating in a range of areas since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1978,” Kang added.

Projects had included development work in addressing climate change oceans and fisheries and work on the Tina River hydro project by K-water.

Last week Sogavare criticised delays in promised funding for the Games by Australia and New Zealand but hailed the contribution of China which has provided financial backing amounting to approximately SBD1.85 billion (£171 million/US$218 million/€200 million) which includes building main stadium.

The Games are scheduled to open on 19 November and continue until 02 December.