Chair of the National Hosting Authority (NHA) of the Sol2023 Pacific Games, Dr Jimmie Rodgers has clarified that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) stadium funded project is a grant, not a loan.

He made the clarification in response to social media claiming that the stadium is not a gift but it’s a concessional loan at two percent interest.

Dr Rodgers said the person who posted the post is misleading the people in this nation (Solomon Islands).

“If that person is a Christian, he will continue to lie to the people of this nation,” he said.

He further added that the attitude of such a negative post is to make Solomon Islands disunite as the country is ready to host the biggest sporting event in the Pacific.

Dr Rodgers said people must tell the truth about the stadium facilities to other people.

He said anyone who wants to seek clarification about the PG2023 facilities can ask them and not go to social media to talk negatively about PG2023 facilities.

“Ask us before going out on social media,” he said.

Dr Rodgers says the stadium is a gift by the PRC to the people of Solomon Islands.

He added that the stadium isn’t a loan but a grant, meaning it’s a gift from PRC to the people of Solomon Islands.

Dr Rodgers said the Futsal Stadium which was built by the Government of Indonesia at Panatina was also a grant.

The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) new home at the old Taiwanese Farm at KG was also a grant.

The Water Facilities for Sol2023 South Pacific Games was also a grant.

Meanwhile, Dr Rodgers is calling on the public to start rendering its support behind the Games Organizing Committee (GOC) in helping Solomon Islands deliver a successful Sol2023 Pacific Games come November and December this year.

He highlighted this at the weekly ‘Iumi Tugeda for Sol2023 Talkback show over the weekend.

Whilst paying tribute to GOC’s hardworking staff tasked with planning and delivering this year’s Games four months out, Dr Rodgers also urged the public to render its support behind GOC.

“We are merely four months out from the start of the Games. We are now in the final stretch on our preparations and the good news is that we are on track – our preparations are well on track.

“The GOC team is on full steam ahead in its preparations. A lot of planning has been done, a lot of progress made and the best thing about it is that the Games is being delivered by local Solomon Islanders.

“Therefore, as proud Solomon Islanders let’s all get behind our GOC team as they are the ones who will ensure that we deliver the Games the best we can and in turn make our country, our nation proud,” Dr Rodgers said.

The GOC has since last year successfully rolled out its Community Engagement and awareness programs which include the Mascot and Ambassadors nationwide tours, received overwhelming responses to Games Volunteer and Community Group registration phase, signed onboard nine corporate sponsors and external partners, successfully hosted international sports technical delegates amongst many other milestones achieved.