I will go out and ask every Fijian for $1 (US$0.50C) to help clear our debt. Fiji Rugby Union interim chairperson Peter Mazey said this as he urged all Fijians to help them clear their $3.5 million (US$1.75 million) debt bill by turning out in numbers whenever international matches were hosted in the country.

“Please, we need help,” he said of the precarious financial situation Rugby House is in.

Mazey said it would be unfair on other sporting organisations if the Government bailed FRU out, but he was willing to ask $1$1 (US$0.50C)from every Fijian to get the organisation out of the red.

“Our profitability and funding to clear this debt will come from the support of the Fijian public attending international rugby games,” Mazey said.

“So when we host the Tonga game at Churchill Park, we want every Fijian there because that’s how we are going to start clearing our debt – and yeah, we might have to go out and ask the public for funding, or assistance.

“So yeah, I will go out and ask everybody for $1 (US$0.50C). Please, we need help.”

Mazey said they would also seek assistance from their donors.

“We’ve got to find that funding from within, with the help of our sponsors, with the help of funding the Australian government provides us through the Vuvale agreement and DFAT.

“The New Zealand government has provided funding especially for our youth rugby. We get fantastic assistance from World Rugby at development stages and then all the world international tournaments we’re part of,” he said.