Australian High Commissioner to India Barry O’Farrell on Monday said that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is looking forward to the forthcoming Quad Summit to be held in Sydney on 23-24 May and that the Quad partners share a positive agenda for a secure, safe and sovereign Indo-Pacific that abides by the rules.

“PM Albanese is looking forward to the Quad Summit on 23-24 May and so am I, because it’s another great opportunity to showcase Sydney to the world. This is an interesting year for all four Quad partners. India is hosting G20, Japan to host the G7, Australia is hosting the Quad and US is hosting APEC. So, Quad partners are cooperating multilaterally to shape a better world for us all,” said the Australian Envoy while speaking to ANI.

“I think it’s going to highlight the enduring contribution that the quad partners and countries who subscribe to their agenda have made for the Indo-Pacific. We share a positive agenda for a secure, safe and sovereign indo Pacific that abides by the rules. And we’ve seen whether in areas of energy, whether health security, whether infrastructure or connectivity, practical outcomes from Quad meetings that have helped countries make choices for themselves”, he added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to participate in the Quad Summit this month that is going to take place in Sydney. During his visit, he is also going to be part of the Indian Australian Diaspora Foundation community reception which will be held on May 23 and aims to provide the large and growing Indian diaspora of Australia with an opportunity to listen to the Prime Minister.

Stating clearly, that Quad is not a military alliance, the envoy said, “t has no intention of being the military alliance. It is a diplomatic relationship that had come together.”

Speaking further on China’s aggressive stance in the Indo-Pacific, the High Commissioner stressed the fact that those who don’t describe the rules have become an isolated part of the system.

“The agenda and the vision we had of a secure and prosperous indo – pacific where countries and citizens are able to make choices, according to the national and personal interests, is one that I think most countries will sign up to, and by working together, both, within the Quad and then outside the quad with ASEAN, Pacific Islands Forum, we can shape that vision that we have, and that means that those people that don’t describe to the rules. Those people that have different views have become just an isolated part of our system”, said the Australian High Commissioner O’Farrell.

“I think what the Quad is delivering is a better future for all people that live across indo Pacific. That’s what they’re trying to achieve. And that’s why I think this meeting will continue to progress”, he added.

Speaking on India’s G20 Presidency, the Australian Envoy said that it strongly supports it and is working hard to make India’s G20 achieve what it wants.

“One of the reasons why Australia so strongly supports India’s G20 presidency is because of, its understanding of the need to deliver equitable sustainable growth across the world and India’s focus on sustainability and goals. As part of its G20 presidency is Something that Australia, welcomes and something in Australia is working hard within the G20 year this year to help India achieve,” O’Farrell said.