The U.S is your friend, President Biden tells Pacific leaders


American President Joe Biden today addressed Pacific Leaders to reiterate his country’s support for the Pacific.

“The U.S is a proud Pacific power, and will continue to be an active, engaged, partner in the region, and a friend to all your countries,” President Biden said in a video sent to the first day of the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ meeting which was held virtually over zoom today.

“A free and open Indo Pacific is vital to each of our nations’ security and prosperity and to all our shared future,” he adds.

This support to the Pacific President Biden stresses are seen in the high number of COVID-19 vaccines the United States have committed to other nations including “several in the Pacific.”

“This pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the many lives lost and they can never ever be replaced.

“The economic impacts will require all of us to work together to drive an inclusive, sustained recovery.

“First step is ending this pandemic. We know how to do that. Vaccinating as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.”

In this regard, the United States according to President Biden has already provided more than 80 million doses of vaccines around the world and an additional half a billion Pfizer doses will be donated through the United Nations’ COVAX facility this month.

“We are not attaching any strings or conditions to these doses. This is about saving lives. This is also why we are committed to being a global leader in Climate Change.

“The Pacific Islands know better than anyone that averting the adverse effects of climate change is going to save lives.

“Put it another way, if we don’t, we are going to lose a lot of lives. We are already feeling the effects of having to adept.”

President Biden adds that the U.S is committed to dramatically reducing emissions by 2030, and building resilience in vulnerable communities globally.

It is also doubling its annual contribution to climate finance to developing nations and tripling its financing towards climate adaptation.