Vidhya Lakhan, President of the Pacific Games Council, says he has confidence that Palau can successfully host the 2025 Pacific Mini-Games

From 29 June to 09 July 2025, about 1,200 athletes from 24 Pacific member countries will be in Palau for the 2025 Pacific Mini-Games.

“We are very appreciative of the level of support from everyone, from the top down, which is needed to host successful Games in 2025,” said Lakhan. “We leave with satisfaction that we are in good hands.”

Vidhya Lakhan, President of the Pacific Games Council, and CEO of the Pacific Games Council Andrew Mingue are in Palau to assess Palau’s readiness for the 2025 Games.

“We are very happy to know that Palau has all the facilities to host the event. Some may need work like the track, which will need a little bit more work, but others may just need minor touch-ups,” added Lakhan. He was convinced the facilities would be ready to meet the programme.

They not only looked at sporting venues but also at housing or dormitories for athletes and accommodations for coaches, transportation, and other related logistics.

President Surangel Whipps, during the 2023 Sports Banquet last evening, announced planned improvements of sporting facilities in Koror and across Babebldaob and Peleliu. They include the improvement of the PHS Gymnasium, Airai tennis courts, Meyuns swimming pool, and other facilities in Koror and Babeldaob.

President Lakhan reminded that just as important as the facilities, Palau athletes are expected to excel during the Games and urge support and investment in the training and development of athletes and coaches.

The hosting of the Games is on the host country, but the host does not have to bear the full 100 percent cost of hosting. Athletes and teams pay daily fees to help offset some of the costs. CEO Andrew Mingue of the Pacific Games Council said that the country could sell sponsorships or seek support from its development partners.

The Games will be broadcasted on the Olympic Channel throughout the Games. “This is one of the best opportunities to promote Palau to the international community.

Palau athletes are getting ready through preparation and participation in other regional Games, such as the Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands and the Belau Games this year, said Baklai Temengil-Chilton, Secretary General, PNOC.