Fiji Supervisor of Election anticipates 65 percent voter turnout


Fiji’s Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem predicts a roughly 65 percent voter turnout on 14 December.

Saneem derived this figure from the number of postal ballot application received by the Fijian Elections Office as of 3pm Wednesday.

Saneem said the FEO had estimated to receive around 23, 000 postal ballot applications, but as at 3pm only 9, 017 applications were received.

He said despite creating awareness on a large scale, this number is low and concerning.

“If this figure is used as an indicator of the turnout in the General Election we looking at possibly 40 to 65 percent turnout which I know in some circles is not desirable. So it is a cause for concern.”

Saneem add postal ballot is a good omen from all Fijian voters to learn from so that come 14 December there is maximum turnout.

Thirteen Fijians have so far voted in the 2022 General Election as applications for postal ballot closed at 5 pm Wednesday.

Saneem said his office had received 9017 applications and 5191 applications have been so far approved.

A total of 1163 postal ballot forms have been dispatched and out of this, 13 have voted.

The final figures will be released later.