Unofficial results show two former Vanuatu PMs back


Based on unofficial results from the Vanuatu snap election, two of five former prime ministers are set for seats in the new Parliament.

Along with returned incumbent, Bob Loughman, are Charlot Salwai on Pentecost, and Sato Kilman on Malekula.

Loughman got the last seat of the seven on Tanna, while Kilman and Salwai scored the highest votes in their respective constituencies.

So far unofficial results show none of the political parties which contested the election managed to secure a simple majority of 27 of the 52 seats.

Kilman said the government will definitely be a coalition.

“I think with the number of prime ministers and big political parties, obviously the first thing is that their presidents will become prime minister in any coalition government. I think the issue will be how to manage many parties in that coalition government.”

Kilman said the important thing is how that coalition is managed.

He said there shouldn’t be much difficulty since all political parties support the sustainable development plan and once in government, they can show what sort of vehicle they’d use to achieve those objectives.

Kilman said constitutional reform is very important for his People’s Progressive Party.

The official count is now underway in Port Vila and the full results will be made public later this week.