Election funding should no longer be an excuse; Wale says Solomon Islands MPs should reject Bill to extend Parliament


Solomon Islands Opposition leader Matthew Wale says the excuse of funding is no longer a reason to extend Parliament.

Wale made this statement following the announcement by the Australian government that they are prepared to fund the national elections next year 2023.

The Opposition Leader said he was surprised by the Prime Minister’s response that Australia was trying to influence the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2022 voting tomorrow.

“How shallow and irresponsible of the Prime Minister to even think like this. When Australia announced its funding support for the Pacific Games recently the Prime Minister never complained that it was an influence. Obviously he is a man of great paranoia and his true colours behind his real intentions to extend Parliament is never about the pacific games,” he said.

Wale said the Prime Minister’s sudden reaction to Australia’s offer could be summed up by one thing, a power grab by Sogavare.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader has urged government MPs not to allow other factors to influence their conscience and to do the right thing.

“This is not about political power play but about embracing the very principles that hold our democratic and parliamentary processes together,” he said.

‘If we respect the people’s mandate & parliamentary democracy & processes, MPs should reject the Bill to postpone elections. With Australian funding, there is now no need for the Bill. Sogavare must accept the offer & hold elections as normal,” Wale added.