Vanuatu Opposition ready to elect a new PM amidst Loughman boycott


Vanuatu Parliament was not able to topple Prime Minister, Bob Loughman today due to lack of the two third of the 52 members of parliament.

There was no quorum this morning due the boycott by Loughman government.

Speaker Simeon Seoule has adjourned the extra-ordinary session to meet on Friday.

Leader of the opposition, Ralph Regengenavu said there were 27 MPs who signed the motion of no confidence against Loughman in parliament this morning ready to pass and to elect the new prime minister.

Regenvanu said Loughman’s boycott is just a matter to keep him in power but on Friday, parliament will elect the new the prime minister of the people of Vanuatu.

Regenvanu has asked PM Bob Loughman to humbly resign from his role as the Prime Minister of Vanuatu because he no longer commands the majority.

Regenvanu said the majority is now with the opposition.

The first agenda was to re-instate the member of parliament for Malekula, Gracia Shadrack so that he can vote for the motion.

Shadrack was suspended last year.

Regenvanu said the new government has only over one year to correct the wrong doing of Loughman government and give to the people of Vanuatu the development that they are expecting.

He dismissed the comments made by PM Loughman during his press conference Monday that the new government will not last because there are so many political groupings inside. Regenvanu said with the political parties that will form the new government on Friday, there will be a stable government compared to Loughman’s government.

Regenvanu was not in the position to say who will be the new prime minister but said they will definitely elect a new prime minister on Friday.