Potential sites for permanent UN office in Fiji


Work continues on setting up a permanent United Nations office in Fiji’s capital Suva.

UN Resident Coordinator, Sanaka Samarasinha confirmed they continue to work with the Fijian Government and have already looked at some potential sites.

Once completed, UN House will bring all branches of the international agency under one roof.

“We have engaged with the government and the design is a work in progress. Designs are very important. I know that in the budget deliberations it was announced that the government hopes to have the project completed within 30-months from the date of the signing of documents.”

The Fijian government currently covers the rental cost for 16 offices occupied by the United Nations in Fiji consisting of 400 employees.

Samarasinha said this was agreed to between the UN and Fiji before his arrival as the UN Resident Coordinator.

“This is not at all unusual. I know some people are asking if this is somehow very special to Fiji. Fiji is a member state of the United Nations, as other countries are and that’s a very common arrangement between member states and the organisation, in this case UN that they belong to.”

Samarasinha said this is a sign of Fiji’s commitment to its partners around the world and to the framework that binds Fiji.

The government has announced it will collaborate with the United Nations to get construction underway and will also provide land for construction.