Bougainville President commends PNG intervention in Solomon Islands


The current troubles in the Solomon Islands must not be seen as an opportunity by Bougainvilleans to prey on the nation’s instability says Bouganville President Ishmael Toroama.

He said Bougainville has long shared traditional and familial ties with the Solomon Islands. However, the Solomon Islands remain an independent sovereign nation.

“Many Bougainvilleans will have a vested interest in the situation in the Solomon Islands owing to our ties with them. But I caution restraint and respect for the nation’s sovereignty and the democratically elected government of the Solomon Islands at this time.

“During the ten year Bougainville Civil War the people of the Solomon Islands offered Bougainville refuge and support. In the same token I offer our support to the people and Government of the Solomon Islands.

“This support goes by way of supporting the Papua New Guinea Government’s response to the SIG.
As our closest neighbors along our internal borders I commend the efforts by Prime Minister James Marape in offering security assistance to the Solomon Islands,” said President Toroama.

In the true spirit of Melanesian brotherhood the Prime Minister’s response to his counterpart the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands Manaseh Sogavare is timely to ensure the safety and security of the people, he said.

“I appeal to the factions on the Solomon Islands who have resorted to violence and arson to cease what they are doing and work with your government to resolve the conflict in an amicable manner.

“The Solomons region has been the foreground for conflict in the last thirty years. We cannot continue along this path without recognising the consequences of our actions.

“It is time to adopt a civil approach to resolving our grievances by being transparent, accountable and respecting democracy.

“Melanesians have always prided ourselves in our strength in war and our love of peace. Let us not confuse these two ideals in accomplishing our own agendas,” said President Toroama.