Fiji’s total population stands at 864,132


Fiji’s population is made up of 62 percent iTaukei people, 34.2 percent Fijians of Indian descent and 3.8 percent of other races, states the 2019-2020 Household Income and Expenditure Survey(HIES).

According to the study, Fiji’s total population was 864,132, of which 535,554 were iTaukei, 295,326 were Fijians of Indian descent and 33,251 were classified as “others”.

Of the total population, 434,914 were males and 429,218 were females.

The HIES stated of the 535,554 iTaukei people, 270,675 were males and 264,879 were females. For the Fijians of Indian descent, 148,603 were males and 146,724 were females.

The survey found that the Central division had a population of 361,459 people, of which 182,581 were females and 178,878 were males – with females outnumbering males by 1.1 percent. The Western division had a population of 330,434, of which 165,975 were males and 164,458 were females.

The study found that the Northern division had a total population of 135,965 with 70,078 males and 65,888 females.

The Eastern division had 36,274 people.

This was the first time, after the 2017 national census, that data on Fiji’s ethnic breakdown was released.

Data on Fiji’s ethnic composition was not released after the 2017 census and when quizzed in Parliament in March 2018, Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said no data on ethnicity had been collected.