SPREP reaccredited to World’s largest climate fund


The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme has been successfully reaccredited to the Green Climate Fund as a Regional Implementing Entity.

Pacific island Members can apply for GCF funding for climate change adaptation and mitigation projects through SPREP.

To renew accreditation, SPREP had to meet strict and extensive fiduciary, governance, project management and other organisational performance standards.

“We’re very pleased to have successfully had our accreditation renewed with the Green Climate Fund. This is a collaborative effort from across our SPREP team, working in partnership with our Pacific Island Members that have supported us,” said Director General Kosi Latu.

“While COVID-19 has knocked us all back somewhat, we are committed to the positive impact we can make ahead. This is a welcome advancement as we persevere onwards to adapt to, and mitigate, climate change.”

The Green Climate Fund was established in 2010 under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to serve as the central global investment vehicle for climate finance. It will help developing countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.

There are currently 177 approved projects worldwide, with 1.9 billion dollars disbursed with an estimated 500 million people now having increased resilience through the GCF projects.

SPREP was first accredited by the Green Climate Fund Board in 2015, and currently has six concept notes in the pipeline with the GCF.

As a Regional Implementing Agency, SPREP will continue to strengthen human resourcing and capacity to support future GCF projects.

“We have much to do ahead as we work to bring these six concept notes to fruition with our Pacific Members,” said Dr Melanie King, Manager of the SPREP Project Coordination Unit.

“We’re proud to be one of a GCF network of over 200 Accredited Entities and Delivery Partners, specifically for our Pacific islands. We look forward to helping make a difference in the years ahead.”

The Green Climate Fund is the world’s largest climate fund mandated to support developing countries raise and realise their Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) ambitions towards low-emissions, climate-resilient pathways.

To learn more about the Green Climate Fund please visit www.greenclimate.fund

To learn more about SPREP’s Accreditation please email Dr Melanie King, Manager of the SPREP Project Coordination Unit at melaniek@sprep.org