Revised dates for Solomon Islands 2023 Pacific Games


The Executive Board of the Pacific Games Council, after consultations with the 22 member Pacific Games Associations and the 24 Oceania Federations for the sports on the Games programme, has approved the request from the Solomon Islands to delay the start of the 2023 Pacific Games from July to November.

The revised dates for the 2023 Pacific Games will be 19 November to 02 December 2023.

Due to COVID-19 causing inevitable delays to the commencement of the venue construction programme in Honiara, the Games Organisers requested this change of dates from the original 16-29 July 2023 schedule to 19 November to 2 December 2023.

The Pacific Games Council has been assured that the venue construction program, largely supported by the Chinese, Indonesian, and Papua New Guinea Governments, and which is underway, should be completed by mid-2023, but a July Games allowed little time to test the venues and make them fully operational. Nor would it allow for contingencies in the event of further slippage in the construction programme due to natural causes like heavier than usual rains. These additional four months of preparation time will allow the venues to be fully completed and tested.

The Pacific Games Council wishes the Solomon Islands well with their continuing preparations to host the 17th Pacific Games in 2023.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) through the Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT) and the National Hosting Authority (NHA) have donated two vehicles to the Games Organising Committee (GOC) of the 2023 Pacific Games.

In handing the vehicles Permanent Secretary for MoFT, Mckinnie Dentana called on the GOC to look after these two vehicle and use them as working tools to serve the purposes of the GOC to effectively and efficiently carry out their jobs.

Martin Rara, GOC Chairman, on behalf of GOC assures SIG that the vehicles will be used solely for the purposes of the GOC in delivering a successful and memorable 2023 Pacific Games for Solomon Islands and the Pacific. Rara also thank the SIG for its continuing commitment to support GOC with funding its preparatory activities and thank SIG for the timely donation.

The vehicles have been assigned to the GOC operational team. The GOC is expected to purchase additional vehicles to expand their fleet in the coming months as GOC operations will be expanding. For now NHA facilitated the purchase of 2 Foton Land Cruisers for SOL2023 Games Organising Committee.

The Solomon Islands Government through the Government Services Integration Committee (GSIC) and NHA will continue to assist the GOC in getting assets in place as we draw nearer to