Staggering 121 positive covid-19 cases reported in Fiji ; new clusters identified


Fiji has reported another staggering 121 new cases of cOVID-19 Wednesday marking another single occasion of three-digit case numbers recorded.

Ministry of Health permanent secretary Dr James Fong said 61 of those cases are linked to the existing clusters:

Korovou – 1, IMT – 8, CWMH – 26, Tramline, Nawaka, Nadi – 5, Nawajikuma, Nawaka, Nadi – 1, Kinoya – 1, Navosai – 1, Sakoca – 4, Naitasiri – 3, Wailoku – 4, Nasinu Police Barracks – 4, Navy – 3.

Dr Fong said a new cluster had been identified within the Rewa Emergency Operations Centre, possibly linked to the Vunimono cluster – and there are two new cases to report for this cluster.

He said a new cluster was also at the Town House hotel – where CWMH and IMT staff are being accommodated.

“There are 19 cases within this cluster – likely linked to the CWMH or IMT clusters,” Dr Fong said.

“Eleven cases have been identified as primary contacts of earlier cases, and the respective response teams are determining the cluster link.”

Dr Fong said the remaining cases are from the following areas that are under investigation to determine whether they have links to other cases:

Nasevou St, Lami, Nakoba St, Lami, Delainavesi, Qauia St, Lami, Naituni, Rewa, Qima Settlement, Nadi, Feeder Rd, Tacirua, Wainivula Rd, Cunningham Stage 4, Naduri in Navua, Ura Place Toorak, Freshet, Makoi, Bau St, Nausori, Toga, Nausori, Nabitu, Nausori.

While the Ministry of Health and Medical Services said that majority of new COVID cases continue to be confirmed within known clusters in areas already under a lockdown or are individuals under home quarantine, it adds that new clusters in new locations pose a serious risk of wider transmission.

Dr Fong said they are prepared to mitigate the impact of a larger number of daily case totals and have contingency plans in place to care for patients who develop severe cases of the virus.

“But it should be noted that this case surge is not inevitable. Widespread public adherence to the health protection measures in-force can limit or stop the spread of COVID-19 entirely and lessen the growing burden on our frontline health officials,” Dr Fong said.

“Essential movement, when managed in a COVID-safe manner, can occur without moving the virus and without putting you, your loved ones, and your community members at high-risk of becoming infected,” he added.

Dr Fong said communities should not wait for a lockdown order to come into effect before adopting COVID-safe behaviour.

He said every Fijian must adopt an attitude of vigilance and COVID-safe discipline now to keep themselves healthy.