Journey to Ottawa: Pacific countries ready to negotiate revised draft text of plastics treaty

To say waste generation - including plastic pollution is a global problem - would be stating things quite mildly. The statistics are in fact staggering,...

PICAN urges Fiji to work with Forum leaders on Japanese nuclear dumping plan

By Sanjeshni Kumar Fiji has come under scrutiny from the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network (PICAN) for endorsing Japan’s decision to discharge over one...

New app helps young people turn tide on plastic pollution

Beneath the picturesque turquoise waters of Trinidad and Tobago, plastic pollution is wreaking havoc on marine ecosystems. Every year, more than 88,600 tonnes of...

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International concern over Tonga’s debate on death penalty for drug offences

Several international human rights organisations have expressed grave concern over recent discussions in Tonga's Parliament suggesting the extension of the death penalty to drug-related...

Fiji’s political landscape unpredictable: Herr

The political landscape in Fiji is facing a perfect storm, with the governing coalition and the opposition party plagued by internal divisions. This has been...

AOSIS lead negotiator Rasmussen urges swift action and robust financing to address Climate threats

AOSIS Climate lead negotiator, Anne Rasmussen of Samoa, emphasised the coalition's vulnerability to climate change at the Sixtieth Session of the Subsidiary Bodies (SB60)...