Fiji’s Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka affirms that the Pacific nation will not use aid as a means of driving other countries against each other.

He made the comments in response to queries about China’s rendering assistance to Fiji and how our neighbouring countries have made allegations of undue influence in Fiji.

Rabuka reaffirms Fiji’s strong ties with Australia and New Zealand, emphasizing the commitment to deepen diplomatic relations with others.

The Leader of Government says China’s aid profile to Fiji is high but this is part of diplomatic relations.

Rabuka states that Fiji will maintain its independence when it comes to sharing diplomatic relations.

“I accept their level of understanding and assistance or aid that we get from those and we won’t push them to better somebody else, it’s not proper diplomacy.”

China’s Ambassador to Fiji Zhou Jian emphasiSes the foundation of fairness and mutual benefit in the collaboration between China and Fiji and rebuts allegations of undue influence.

He also reaffirms Fiji’s sovereignty in choosing its partnerships, asserting its independence from external influences including China.

“Fiji have their full right to decide its internal matters, it doesn’t have to listen to others on what they should do or should not do.”

Ambassador Jian adds that an ongoing tour with Fiji’s government delegation in Vanua Levu signals continued teamwork in enhancing Fiji’s infrastructure and strengthening economic development.