-The Papua New Guinea Opposition has nominated East Sepik Governor Allan Bird as their alternative Prime Minister.

Leader of the Opposition Douglas Tomuriesa announced this in a news conference Tuesday at the end of parliament sitting.

The opposition confirmed handing the vote of no confidence motion to acting Parliament Speaker Koni Iguan before parliament convened at 2pm Tuesday

The alternate government comprising 19 MP’s stood in solidarity for the announcement of Allan Bird as their candidate against James Marape.

Governor Bird is humbled by the nomination and said though he’s not able to provide all the answers, he wants to see changes.

He thanked the opposition MP’s for having the confidence in him.

Ialibu Pangia MP and former prime minister Peter O’Neil has clarified that despite having a lot of members under his People’s National Congress party in opposition, to put their hands up for alternate PM post- they’ve allowed for young and new leaders to lead according to the peoples wishes.

He made these comments when congratulating East Sepik Governor Allan Bird as the alternate PM nominee.

Following the democratic process under section 145 of the constitution, Iguan confirmed receiving the notice of motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister James Marape, by the opposition at 1:45pm.

“As we’re aware there is a process that must be complied with the section 145 of the constitution and standing order, and recent supreme court decisions,” Iguan told parliament.

“The notice of motion of no confidence is a matter of national importance and will take its precedence in the private business day.

“Before that happens, it must be place on the notice paper for the minimum of 7 days.”

The private business committee is expected to meet on Wednesday to clear the notice of motion of no confidence based on the technical requirements of section 145 of the constitution and the standing orders.

Once the notice is cleared by the committee, it will be given to the clerk for reporting to parliament.

The clerk then reports the notice of no confidence motion to parliament, it will then be placed on the notice paper and appear on the notice paper the next sitting day.

“The notice of the motion of no confidence will be on the notice paper for a minimum of 7 days before it can consider on private business day as required under section 145 of the constitution,” he added.

The first sitting of parliament for this year got underway with the usual order of government business.

The Government front bench was occupied by Prime Minister Marape, his deputy and Lae MP John Rosso, State Owned Enterprises minister William Duma and Inter Government Relations Minister Soroi Eoe.

Kavieng MP Ian Ling Stuckey was seen occupying the treasurers seat. Stuckey was stood down following the Black Wednesday riots and PM Marape was acting in this role.

The opposition made entrance with acting opposition leader Douglas Tomuriesa taking the front seat flanked by Chuave MP Jame Nomane, East Sepik Governor Allan Bird, Sinesine Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua and Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah

Former opposition leader Joseph Lelang took the opposition back bench following his resignation from the role and the people’s national congress party over the weekend.

The government bloc fronted by Pangu Pati members in their green uniforms came out in numbers, showcasing their unwavering support behind the Marape-Rosso government in the chambers