Japan and Marshall Islands strengthen ties


Japan’s Foreign Affairs Minister Kamikawa Yoko has met with Kalani Kaneko, the Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister of the Marshall Islands, ahead of the PALM 5th Ministerial Interim Meeting in Suva, Fiji.

She congratulated him on his new role and offered support for the Marshall Islands, which had suffered from drought and high waves.

Kaneko expressed gratitude for Japan’s assistance and pledged to strengthen ties.

Minister Kamikawa explained that as the world faces a historic turning point, it is critical to maintain and strengthen a free and open international order based on the rule of law and ensure the world where the human dignity is protected.

She also stated that taking into account the situational changes in the Pacific region, it is important to strengthen the relations with Pacific Islands countries by meeting the needs of each country.

In response, Minister Kaneko expressed his gratitude for the Government and people of Japan for Japan’s support to the Marshall Islands for many years.

Kaneko thanked Japan for its ongoing support.

They discussed the discharge of treated water from Fukushima into the sea, with Kamikawa assuring Kaneko of its safety based on monitoring and involvement of the IAEA.

Both ministers agreed to collaborate closely leading up to PALM 10.

Kamikawa thanked Kaneko and President Heine for their support after the Noto Peninsula Earthquake and offered a gift of Kanazawa gold leaf as a symbol of hope for recovery.