Fiji’s Attorney-General Siromi Turaga is optimistic that drafters of the Bill on the ‘Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions will get it ready for the November Parliament Sitting.

Speaking to FijiLive, Turaga said the Government is moving towards enhancing Fiji’s intellectual property landscape as consultations begin on the draft Bill.

Turaga said this Bill signifies a monumental addition to Fiji’s intellectual property regime, which seeks to accord deserved prominence and legal protection to the wealth of traditional knowledge and cultural expressions.

“The draft Bill emerges as a beacon of modernity intertwined with tradition, fostering an environment where cultural heritage is not only preserved but thrives alongside contemporary developments,” Turaga said.

The Minister for i-Taukei Affairs Ifereimi Vasu said that: “The draft Bill stands as a testament to the rich cultural history of Fiji. It acknowledges the depth of knowledge and the unique expressions of culture that are woven intricately into the fabric of Fijian society.”

In an earlier statement, Vasu said by fostering a legal framework that protects and promotes these treasures, the Bill seeks to fortify the protection of traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions.

Vasu highlighted that the Bill is both inclusive and reflective of the diverse perspectives in Fiji – a nationwide consultation process will be initiated.

Vasu said leading this vital dialogue is distinguished Intellectual Property Lawyer Eliesa Tuiloma.

He said Tuiloma’s profound expertise in intellectual property law will serve as a guiding light in navigating the complexities of this endeavour, ensuring a comprehensive and insightful consultation process.

The Ministry of i-Taukei Affairs invites stakeholders, members of the public and the business sector to come forward and actively partake in this nationwide consultation, helping shape a legislation that embodies the true spirit and aspirations of Fiji in relation to the protection of traditional knowledge and cultural expressions.