Fiji’s Minister for Home Affairs, Pio Tikoduadua says the Coalition Government’s unwavering commitment to the 2013 Constitution remains a cornerstone of Fiji’s democracy and the recent appointment of Filimoni Vosarogo as the Attorney-General will be reviewed.

Speaking in a media conference Monday, Tikoduadua said the Government will ensure all constitutional mandates and principles are adhered to.

He said they will be in dialogue with legal stalwarts, including the Fiji Law Society to ensure the steps they take forward are informed, measured, and reflective of expert opinions.

“Recognising the importance of faith in our democratic systems, we pledge a transparent and accountable approach for all significant governmental appointments in the future.”

“We understand the gravity of the situations and its implications for our nation. Prime Minister Rabuka, recognising his prerogative, will be making an official announcement regarding the position of the Attorney-General in due course.”

“The nation can trust that the decision will be in the best interest of our democracy and its pillars.”

Tikoduadua addressed the nation in wake of concerns raised by the Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Major-General Ro Jone Kalouniwai and subsequent consultations with both the Commander and Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka.

Tikoduadua said this is with regards to Section 96(2)(b) of the Constitution and the suitability of Vosarogo for the role of the Attorney-General.

He said these are under serious consideration and the Government’s duty to uphold every article and provision of the Constitution cannot and will not be compromised.
“The sanctity of the rule of law and the supreme law is of utmost importance.

It is our responsibility to ensure that decisions, particularly those involving appointments, are made with the utmost integrity, professionalism, and adherence to our established legal frameworks,” said Tikoduadua.

Meanwhile, in a significant development that underscores the resilience and adaptability of Fiji’s democratic institutions, Minister for Home Affairs Pio Tikoduadua has expressed his satisfaction with the recent progress in the relationship between the government and the Fiji Military Force.

Tikoduadua noted that while there have been challenges in the past regarding the response of the RFMF to matters of national interest, both parties have successfully reached a satisfactory solution.

“So right now, we are discussing with the commander certain things that we will be able to make better with regards to the role of the RFMF going forward and how government can be more responsive to the concerns that are raised and then how to make those better in the future.”

The Minister said that this development is indicative of the government’s commitment to maintaining a stable and collaborative relationship with the military, ensuring that Fiji’s security and national interests are effectively addressed.

Tikoduadua believes that the ongoing dialogue between the government and the military reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and cooperation, which is essential for a thriving democracy.

The Home Affairs Minister thanked the Commander for the role the RFMF played in ensuring the security Fiji now have.