Flying Fijians Captain apologises for the inappropriate and unbecoming comment at the press conference


Flying Fijians captain Waisea Nayacalevu has asked for his sincere forgiveness through his actions for accidentally uttering “I-Taukei” improper language during the after-match press conference Monday.

Nayacalevu who has played 37 tests for the Flying Fijians said the comment was not directed to any particular fan but to a Fijian journalist who has a traditional relation as “Tauvu” {a relationship that is characterised by banter, joking, and jesting}.

He said “I would like to sincerely apologise for the incident. I’ll be honest with one and all. That phrase was directed towards my Fijian friend, “My Tau”, who is part of the Fijian media delegations covering the Rugby World Cup.

I was under the impression that the mic was disabled thus uttered it unintentionally for which I express my deep and utmost regret”.

As the captain of Flying Fijians, my actions are intolerable to the values of the game. I take responsibility and seek forgiveness for the slip.