Many rugby fans in Fiji go to great lengths to watch the Flying Fijians in action at the Rugby World Cup.

The players know this and also notices the commitment by their fans back home.

Pictures of Fijians watching a game out at sea or some crowding behind a mobilefone in the highlands always hit social media after a match.

Halfback Frank Lomani who has been representing Fiji for the last six years says this is something that pushes them in France.

“Support of our fans is always vital for us as a team and sometimes when the going gets tough we can feel the power of their prayers and support from home, and it really helps especially on the field especially when we find ourselves in difficult situations.”

Lomani adds that captain Waisea Nayacalevu also makes sure the team never forgets the ardent fans who’ll find a way to watch them in action.

“Our captain always reminds us before a game to think of our fans especially those that wake up early in the morning to travel or find a place for good reception or network to watch the game or news, when we hear that it really motivates us.”

The Nukubalavu villager from Savusavu is expected to start at halfback ahead of Simione Kuruvoli against Portugal.

Fiji will meet Portugal at 7am on Monday in Toulouse.