Fiji’s Minister for Immigration and Home Affairs, Pio Tikoduadua says it is unfortunate that the Grace Road Group Fiji is being dragged in the matter involving some of its senior members who have been declared as fugitives and are wanted by the South Korean Government and Interpol.

Speaking to FijiLive, Tikoduadua said the removal order was for seven people that had their names on the Interpol list and not the whole group.

Tikoduadua said the Government acted on the correspondence, because they are good global partners and citizens of the world.

“The last Government did it and the Coalition Government will continue to do it… These are people that are wanted in their home countries and or by other jurisdiction for Justice.”

“It is an unfortunate situation that the Grace Road Group is being dragged into this,” he added.

Tikoduadua however has not apologised for using the word ‘cult” and said this word is used for people or organisations that run like this.

“They are disputing it, on the other hand, I’m using it,” Tikoduadua said.

The Grace Road Group Fiji has lashed out at Tikoduadua on the recent events surrounding them and have labelled it as ‘religious oppression’.

In a statement, Dr Jiwon Kim said Grace Road is not a cult and their senior director, Daniel Kim was detained despite other members awaiting due legal procedure after having been released.

“Therefore, it is evident that that our President has been detained for speaking against the religious belief of the Minister, which is proof of religious oppression,” Dr Kim said.