Papua New Guinea Authorities have denied that there is a warrant of arrest for Prime Minister James Marape.

Minister for Internal Security Peter Tsiamalili Jr and Police Commissioner David Manning have brushed aside any queries raised on the alleged warrant.

On Monday, the Post Courier was made aware of several attempts by alleged police officers to execute a warrant on PM Marape when he landed from his tri-nation tour.

However, Manning in response to questions raised by the Post-Courier said: “I am not aware of this nor am I aware of who in the police force has this purported warrant.

“Factions within the police force who think that they are not accountable for their actions are sorely mistaken,” he added.

The arrest of Marape was allegedly because of his involvement in the UBS Loan.

Tsiamlili said: “Regarding the alleged arrest warrant for Marape, it is important to clarify that no credible sources have been provided with any evidence to support this claim.

The incident at Jackson’s airport, where there was a commotion between bodyguards and Fraud Squad officers is again false.”

As Marape returned from his state visits to Israel, Indonesia and France, news had reached the Post Courier that there was going to be an arrest warrant executed on Monday night by police.
Media attending to a press conference at APEC Terminal by the Prime Minister were told to walk into the terminal as security was tightened upon information received by the PM’s office that a section of police were trying to bring in the PM over the UBS loan.

Before the Prime Minister flew to Nawaeb, Morobe province, security was also tightened as the head of the country sat for a meeting amid the reports of more attempts to serve the arrest warrant.