Fiji Pearls Head coach Unaisi Rokoura acknowledges the challenge of facing Tonga, as they haven’t defeated them in a while.

To ensure readiness, the team has engaged in warm-up matches and focused on mental preparation.
“When we play Jamaica it’s like the playing style against Zimbabwe and of course New Zealand and Scotland has the similar style as Australia”

Rokoura is confident in the players’ ability to adapt to the new environment and expects a strong performance.

Meanwhile,theFiji Pearls are preparing for the Netball World Cup in Cape Town and are determined to prove themselves to the world.

They have been engaging in warm-up matches with strong teams like Jamaica, Malawi, and the Silver Ferns in South Africa.

These matches are crucial for fine-tuning their playing tactics and skills before the tournament.

Netball Fiji’s Chief executive, Vivian Koster, was satisfied with the team’s preparation.

Koster said they have a few warm-up matches lined up, which will be vital in assessing their strengths and identifying areas they need to work on.

Their World Cup campaign will begin with a match against Tonga Tala on Friday at 7 p.m., followed by games against Zimbabwe on Saturday and Australia on Sunday in the pool stage.