No coup says Fiji’s Armed Forces Chief


There will be no coup, assures the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Commander Major General Ro Jone Kalouniwai.

This follows speculations on social media including the circulation of a 50-page letter.

In this letter, allegations were made that the coalition government was misinterpreting the 2013 constitution and called for the RFMF to intervene.

Kalouniwai said the RFMF will continue to abide by the law and order of the country and will also respect the decision of the people who voted for the government.

The Armed Forces chief stressed the coup culture needs to be forgotten and the military will need to work together to move Fiji forward.

“It’s something that concerns everybody, everybody has a responsibility for this country, not only the RFMF, every independent institution of this country, all ministries. This is something that we will hold on to and something we need to aspire to as we continue to move forward and try to help the government and the people of this country in regards to security and wellbeing.”

Kalouniwai emphasised the constitutional process needs to be followed at all times and this is something they will continue to advocate.

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka while speaking at the Rewa Provincial Council meeting highlighted there will be no instability as the coalition government is working on achieving its budgetary targets.